What is Basic Roleplaying?

At some point, almost every gamesmaster wants to create their own Mythic World. That’s what the Basic Roleplaying System (BRP) is all about! It is simple, fast, and elegant, using a skill-based percentile system. Combat is fast and deadly, and with a strong focus on non-combat skills that some game systems are challenged to support. Players roll percentile dice against the Gamemaster-led opponents, or even themselves. 

At the core, most Chaosium RolePlaying games use a variation of the Basic RolePlaying System, which started with RuneQuestCall of Cthulhu, StormBringer, SuperWorld, Elfquest, and others followed. Once the Basic RolePlaying System was released as a stand-alone product, more worlds like Mythic IcelandMagic World, and Rivers of London were introduced.

So, if you want to create your own Mythic World and leverage a proven system that is the backbone of some of the most successful games in RolePlaying history, look no further.

Chaosium offer a range of print and PDF supplements to use with the Basic Roleplaying rulebook.