3.5 Experience

At the end of the adventure, the gamemaster asks each player to make an experience roll for each skill successfully used and checked. An experience roll is a roll higher than the skill chance (a reverse of the normal procedure). The idea that as a character gets more highly skilled, it gets harder to improve. If the experience roll is higher than the skill, the player then rolls 1D6 and adds this total to the skill. For example, if a player is making an experience roll for a skill of 35%, any roll of 36 or greater is a success. If the player rolls a 36–00, add 1D6 to the character’s existing 35% skill. A roll of 100 is always an improvement, even if the skill is higher than 100%.

A character can learn from a teacher with dedicated study and an adequate amount of time (decided by the gamemaster). At the end of that period, have the teacher attempt a Teach skill roll and a roll on the relevant skill to be taught. If the Teach skill is higher than the teacher’s skill value, it is reduced to the skill’s value for the purpose of instruction. If both skills are successful, the student character may make a successful experience check and check for experience as described above. This is subject to the gamemaster’s approval and may involve money being spent, and a character cannot learn more than one skill at a time in this fashion.

When a skill has been successfully checked for experience, erase the current skill value and write the new total on the character sheet. Repeat this process for each skill checked successfully, until completed.

Generally, this is done at the end of a single adventure, though the gamemaster can allow for multiple chances for skill improvement for a longer adventure that provides several distinct ‘downtime’ periods where the characters can rest and reflect on what they have accomplished.

In the case of a long period—months at the least—between adventures, the gamemaster may also allow characters four ‘free’ experience checks of their choice, representing activities they undertook in this downtime. These checks are treated as regular experience checks and must be rolled to see if they result in actual skill improvement.


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