2.4 Characteristic Rolls

Many capabilities of a character are measured in skills. There are times, however, when a simpler roll is needed to determine if a character is successful at an activity based on a characteristic. If there is an opposing value, use the resistance table (described later). If there is no obviously opposing value, use a characteristic roll.

Each characteristic roll is made against a characteristic multiplied by 5, expressed as a percentage chance. For example, a STR 10 would give an Effort roll of 10×5=50, or 50%.

  • Effort Roll: The Effort roll is used for forceful manipulation of an object of environmental aspect. It’s based on STR×5. Trying to complete a hundred pushups requires an Effort roll.
  • Stamina Roll: The Stamina roll is used for prolonged physical exertion and tests of fortitude. It’s based on CON×5. Avoiding the common cold or trying to drink an entire bottle of salad dressing requires a Stamina roll.
  • Idea Roll: The Idea roll is used for a flash of inspiration, or to determine if the character ‘knows’ something that the player knows or having the character figure out something the player hasn’t. The gamemaster may sometimes use this roll to help prod the players when they don’t know what to do next (but when their characters would). It’s based on INT×5. Spotting the pattern in a series of crime scenes pinned on a map of the city requires an Idea roll.
  • Luck Roll: The Luck roll is to determine if fate gives the character a break or manages to squeak by at a situation where random chance may be a deciding factor (roulette, for example). It’s based on POW×5. Determining the winner of a coin toss or draw of the short straw requires a Luck roll.
  • Agility Roll: The Agility roll is useful for determining issues where natural hand/eye coordination are more important than any training, such as running on a slippery surface or catching a dropped item before it hits the ground. It’s based on DEX×5. Catching something thrown at a character with a “Think fast!” warning requires an Agility roll.
  • Charisma Roll: Raw charisma; being able to rely on good looks and personal charm to gain attention or sway others. It’s based on APP×5. Trying to catch the attention of a bouncer to be let into an exclusive club requires a Charisma roll.


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