2.1 The Character Sheet

Each player needs a copy of the character sheet from the Resources page. It’s possible to just write everything on a blank sheet of paper, but the character sheet makes things a lot easier. The character sheet includes the following sections:

  • Identity: This is for the character’s basic information: aspects that don’t have any game effects but help detail who the character is.
  • Characteristics & Rolls: These values describe qualities of the character such as how strong and smart and fast and attractive they are, etc. Rolls are based off characteristics and are percentage values rolled to see if the character succeeds or fails at a task.
  • Hit Points: A value measuring how much damage a player character can take before they die. Bigger and/or healthier characters have more hit points (HP) while smaller and/or frailer characters have fewer.
  • Skills: These are the abilities the character has some innate knowledge, training, or education in. Each is expressed as a percentage chance, rolled to see if the character succeeds.
  • Weapons: These are weapons or attacks the character uses, along with descriptions of how they do damage to other characters.
  • Armor: Any armor worn by the character, which may reduce any damage they take from an attack.
  • Equipment: Other items the character may carry that may be of use.


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