2.7 Professions and Professional Skills

In Basic Roleplaying, a profession is a collection of skills appropriate to a character in that role. Each player character receives 300 skill points to allocate among these skills, as the player sees fit. There are no restrictions about what skills the character can learn in play through experience or additional training, and there is no minimum number of skill points that can be allocated to a professional skill. For example, a soldier has access to training in skills relating to firearms, but they may choose to have no training with Heavy Weapons. These skill points are added to the skill’s base chance, described above. 

Following are a dozen professions appropriate to a wide range of settings. Professions using powers (magic, for example) are not provided here.

  • Cowboy: Craft (usually knots), Firearm (Rifle), Knowledge (Natural History), Knowledge (Local Area), Listen, Navigate, Ride, Spot, Throw, Track.
  • Detective: Firearm (Handgun), Knowledge (Law), Listen, Persuade, Spot, Research, and four of the following: Art, Brawl, Disguise, Dodge, Drive, Fast Talk, Firearm (any), Grapple, Hide, Insight, Knowledge (any), Language (Other), Language (Own), Medicine, Ride, Science (any), Technical (Computer Use), Stealth, or Track.
  • Doctor: First Aid, Language (Own), Medicine, Persuade, Research, Spot, and choose four of the following: Insight, Language (Other), Psychotherapy, Science (any), and Status.
  • Hunter: Climb, Hide, Listen, Navigate, Spot, Stealth, Track, and three of the following: Firearm (Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun), Knowledge (Natural History or Region), Melee Weapon (usually Spear), Missile Weapon (any), Language (Other), and Ride.
  • Lawman: Brawl, Dodge, Fast Talk, Knowledge (Law), Listen, Spot, and four of the following: Drive, Firearms (any), First Aid, Grapple, Insight, Knowledge (Region or Group), Language (Other), Martial Arts, Melee Weapon (any), Missile Weapon (any), Pilot (any), Ride, Status, Technical (Computer Use), or Track.
  • Noble: Bargain, Drive, Etiquette, Language (Own), Language (Other), Literacy, and Status, plus any other three skills as hobbies or fields of interest.
  • Sailor: Climb, Craft (any), Dodge, Grapple, Navigate, Pilot (Boat), Swim, and any three of the following: Artillery (any, usually shipboard), Command, Language (Other), Listen, Repair (Mechanical), Repair (Structural), or Spot.
  • Scientist: Craft (any), Persuade, Research, Status, Technical (Computer Use) or Heavy Machine, and any five appropriate Knowledge or Science related to field of study.
  • Soldier: Brawl, Climb, Dodge, First Aid, and six of the following: Artillery, Command, Drive, Firearm (usually Rifle, but any), Grapple, Heavy Weapon (any), Hide, Language (Other), Listen, Jump, Medicine, Melee Weapon (any), Missile Weapon (any), Navigate, Repair (Mechanical), Ride, Spot, Stealth, or Throw.
  • Spy: Dodge, Fast Talk, Hide, Listen, Research, Spot, Stealth, and three of the following: Art (Photography), Brawl, Disguise, Etiquette, Firearm (any), Grapple, Insight, Knowledge (any), Language (Other), Language (Own), Martial Arts, Navigate, Pilot (any), Repair (Electronics), Repair (Mechanical), Ride, Swim, Technical (Computer Use), Throw, or Track.
  • Thief: Appraise, Dodge, Fast Talk, Hide, Stealth, and five other skills from the following list: Bargain, Brawl, Climb, Disguise, Fine Manipulation, Firearm (Handgun or Shotgun), Grapple, Insight, Listen, Jump, Knowledge (Law), Persuade, Repair (Mechanical), or Spot.
  • Warrior: Brawl, Dodge, Grapple, Melee Weapon (any), Missile Weapon (any), and five other skills from the following list: Climb, Firearm (any), Hide, Listen, Jump, Language (Other), Martial Arts, Ride, Spot, Stealth, Swim, Throw, Track.

As an alternative to the established professions, the gamemaster may allow a player to create a new profession for their character. To do so, pick a suitable title for the profession and ten appropriate skills to spend 300 professional skill points on.


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