2.9 Equipment

Now that the character is almost finished, they still need some gear. This can include weapons, armor, or other important paraphernalia used in their profession. In the course of play there are many chances to get more equipment, but each starting player character has in their immediate possession the following:

  • A set of clothing appropriate to the character’s profession and the setting.
  • An amount of pocket money; enough to last a little while without hardship. The higher the Status skill, the more money.
  • A personal heirloom, keepsake, or some trinket of little relative value.
  • Any trade tools or transportable equipment suitable to the character’s profession, if appropriate.
  • Any weapon the character has a skill of 50% or higher in, if appropriate.
  • Other items as appropriate based on the Status skill, setting, and subject to the gamemaster’s approval.

This can be modified by the gamemaster based on circumstances: characters participating in a commando raid may be fully laden with weapons and tactical gear, while suburban civilians waking up to a zombie apocalypse may be limited to what they reasonably have on hand.


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