2.5 Derived Characteristics

These are derived from other aspects of the characteristics or may be modified by other aspects, such as race.

  • Move (MOV): Move (MOV) is a game value, determining how far the character can move in a combat round. All humans have a MOV of 10. MOV is a flexible value, but generally each point of MOV equals one meter of movement. If running, it is equal to three meters per point.
  • Hit Points: Hit points (HP) are equal to the character’s CON+SIZ, divided by two (rounding fractions up). These are subtracted as the character takes damage from injury or other sources. When a character reaches 1 or 2 hit points, they fall unconscious. When a round of combat ends and a character is at 0 hit points, the character is dead.
  • Power Points: Power points are equal to POW and are spent to use magic or other powers. When a character reaches 0 power points, they fall unconscious. All power points regenerate after one full day that includes a night’s rest.
  • Damage Bonus: Bigger, stronger characters do more damage when hitting their foes with melee weapons. The damage modifier is applied to the damage rolled for any melee weapon attack the character makes. Add STR+SIZ and consult the following table.

Damage Bonus

STR+SIZ Damage Modifier
2 to 12 –1D6
13 to 16 –1D4
17 to 24 None
25 to 32 +1D4
33 to 40 +1D6
41 to 56 +2D6


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