5.10 Armor

Armor protects its wearer from being injured. It’s not invulnerable, though. Light armor stops a little damage, and heavy armor stops a lot of damage. For example, soft leather armor stops 1 point of damage, while full plate armor stops 8 points of damage. When a character is hit in combat, subtract the armor points from the points of damage that have been rolled. Damage above and beyond the armor’s protection value bypasses the armor and is inflicted on the character, reducing their current hit points.

Following is a sample list of various armor types. Armor is defined by armor points (how many points are subtracted from damage) and any additional effects wearing the armor has on the wearer.

‘Physical’ skills are Climb, Dodge, Fine Manipulation, Hide, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Swim, and Throw, and the Agility characteristic roll, while ‘perception’ skills are Listen and Spot. At the gamemaster’s discretion, other skills may be affected by wearing armor.

Armor Types

Name Armor Points Skill Modifier
Bulletproof Vest 8 −5% to physical skills
Chain 7 −20% to physical skills
Flak Jacket 4 −10% to physical skills
Clothing, Heavy 1 None
Helmet, Heavy +2 −50% to perception skills
Helmet, Light +1 −15% to perception skills
Hoplite Panoply 6 −20% to physical skills
Leather, Soft 1 None
Leather, Hard 2 −10% to physical skills
Plate, Full 8 −25% to physical skills
Quilted 2 −5% to physical skills
Riot Gear 12/6 −10% to physical skills


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