5.9 Weapons and Damage

Weapons are described in the following manner:

  • The skill and specialty used (see 2.6 Skills).
  • The base chance, which any skill points are added to.
  • The damage the weapon does against the target (see 5.12 Damage and Injury). The attacker’s damage bonus (db) is added to this. “½ damage bonus” means roll and divide by 2, rounding up.
  • The number of hands needed to use the weapon properly.
  • The hit points it has if it is used to parry.
  • The range of the weapon provided in meters: below this range the attack chance is not modified, while at up to twice the range the attack becomes Difficult (½ skill chance). At up to three times the range, the attack chance is ¼ the normal chance, and beyond three times the range there is no chance of hitting the target.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Skill Specialty Base Damage Hands Hit Points
Axe, Battle Melee Weapon Axe 15 1D8+2+db 1H 15
Axe, Great Melee Weapon Axe 15 2D6+2+db 2H 15
Axe, Hand Melee Weapon Axe 15 1D6+1+db 1H 12
Brawl Brawl25 1D3+db 1H n/a
Club, Heavy Melee Weapon Club 25 1D8+db 2H 22
Club, Light Melee Weapon Club 25 1D6+db 1H 15
Dagger Melee Weapon Dagger 25 1D4+db 1H 15
Halberd Melee Weapon Polearm 15 3D6+db 2H 25
Hammer Melee Weapon Hammer 25 1D6+db 1H 15
Hammer, Great Melee Weapon Hammer 25 1D10+3+db 2H 15
Knife Melee Weapon Dagger 25 1D3+1+db 1H 15
Mace, Heavy Melee Weapon Mace 25 1D8+2+db 2H 10
Mace, Light Melee Weapon Mace 25 1D6+2+db 1H 6
Pike Melee Weapon Polearm 15 1D10+2+db 2H 12
Staff, Quarter- Melee Weapon Staff 25 1D8+db 2H 8
Spear, Long Melee Weapon Spear 15 1D10+db 2H 10
Sword, Broad Melee Weapon Sword 15 1D8+1+db 1H 12
Sword, Great Melee Weapon Sword 05 2D8+db 2H 12
Sword, Short Melee Weapon Sword 15 1D6+1+db 1H 12

Missile Weapons

Weapon Skill Specialty Base Damage Hands Hit Points Range
Axe, Hand (thrown) Missile Weapon Throwing Axe 10 1D6+½db 1H 12 20 meters
Bow, Long Missile Weapon Bow 05 1D8+1+½db 2H 10 90 meters
Crossbow, Heavy* Missile Weapon Crossbow 25 2D6+2 2H 18 55 meters
Crossbow, Light* Missile Weapon Crossbow 25 1D6+2 2H 10 40 meters
Dagger (thrown) Missile Weapon Throwing Dagger 15 1D4+½db 1H 15 10 meters
Knife, (thrown) Missile WeaponThrowing Dagger 15 1d3+1+½db 1H 10 10 meters
Pistol** Firearm Pistol 20 1D8 1H 8 20 meters
Pistol, Laser** Energy Weapon Laser Pistol 20 1D8 1H 14 20 meters
Rifle** Firearm Rifle 25 2D6 2H 12 80 meters
Rifle, Laser** Energy Weapon Laser Rifle 15 2D8 2H 20 100 meters
Rock (thrown) Throw Throw Throw 1D2+½db 1H n/a 20 meters
Sling Missile Weapon Sling 05 1D8+½db 2H 2 80 meters

* Crossbows are slower to fire than most missile weapons; each takes a full combat round to reload, so they can only be fired on every other round.

** Pistols and rifles hold 6 shots apiece; laser pistols and rifles have charges for 20 shots.


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