5.14 Healing

A character usually heals 1D3 hit points per game week, meaning that at the end of a seven-day period, the gamemaster rolls 1D3 and the character has that many hit points restored to their total, up to maximum hit points. If the character is in a hospital under ideal conditions and receiving top-notch medical treatment, the gamemaster may choose to allow the maximum healing (3) rather than rolling 1D3.

Successful use of the First Aid skill heals 1D3 hit points per injury. Keep track of each injury separately; the First Aid skill can be applied to wounds to reduce their severity, restoring lost hit points. Successful use of First Aid can only heal the total hit points in damage for an individual wound.

For example, if a character has taken 2 hit points in damage from a single wound, a successful use of First Aid can only heal 2 hit points for that particular wound, even if the dice indicate more.

An injury may have First Aid applied to it only once. If the roll is unsuccessful, it is still bandaged and cleaned but is not overly beneficial.

First Aid takes one combat round to apply (if in a hurry), thus a character who has been reduced to 0 hit points in a round of combat may be saved from death if they can be brought up to 1 hit point by the time the combat round ends.


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