5.12 Damage and Injury

Each character has hit points (HP) derived from the average of Constitution and Size (see section 2.5 Derived Characteristics). When a weapon successfully strikes a character (or the character suffers some other injury), damage points (after armor points) are subtracted from their current hit points.

For example, an uninjured character has 12 hit points and is wearing hard leather armor (worth 2 points). They take 6 points of damage from an attack. Two points are subtracted from that damage because of the character’s armor protection, and they take the remainder, 4 hit points in damage. This reduces the character to 8 hit points. Any more damage is subtracted from this new total.

If a character is reduced to 2 hit points, they fall unconscious for 1D6 hours or until awakened by another character. If a character is reduced to 0 hit points and remains at 0 at the end of the combat round, they are dead. Characters can have injuries in excess of their hit points, going below 0 into negative values. First Aid attempts (see 5.14 Healing) must be applied to these negative hit points to bring the character’s hit points to a positive total.


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