5.5 Attacking

To attack, roll D100 and try to obtain a result equal to or lower than the attack chance for the Melee Weapon, Missile Weapon, or Heavy Weapon being wielded. Lower is better. If the roll is less than 1/5 of the attack chance, a special success is achieved, as described in 5.13 Special Successes.

At the gamemaster’s discretion, a related specialty skill may be used as if Difficult (1/2 chance). For example, a gamemaster may allow a character to use a sword with their dagger skill, as both are Melee Weapon specialties and are similar weapons.

A special success on an attack is better than a normal success and requires an equally successful parry or Dodge roll to avoid.

Any roll higher than the attack chance is a failure and does no damage to the opponent.

If an attack is successful it may do damage to the intended target. See 5.12 Damage and Injury for more about this.


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