5.7 Dodging

Dodging is the act of getting out of the way of an oncoming attack using the Dodge skill. A Dodge is determined after the attack roll is made. If an attack fails, it does not need to be dodged. If the attack is successful, the target of that attack may wish to Dodge it.

To dodge, the character must be aware of and able to see the attack coming. Determine a successful dodge just like an attack roll, by rolling percentage dice below the dodge skill chance.

A special success (described below) means an especially good dodge and is required to fully avoid an attack with a special success result. It is impossible to dodge firearms or high-velocity weapons, although the gamemaster may allow the character to dodge arrows and thrown weapons as if the task were Difficult (half the normal skill level). In these cases, it is assumed that the character saw the attacker’s intent to fire and just got out of the way in time.


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