5.6 Parrying

Parrying is the act of knocking or blocking the attacking weapon out of the way using the relevant Melee Weapon skill. A parry is determined after the attack roll is made. If an attack fails, it does not need to be parried. If the attack is successful, the target of that attack may wish to parry it. To parry, the character must be aware of and able to see the attack coming.

Determine a successful parry just like an attack roll, by rolling percentage dice below the parry skill (equal to the weapon’s attack skill). A special success (described below) means an especially good parry and is required to fully counteract an attack with a special success result.

It is impossible to parry firearms or high-velocity weapons (energy weapons, etc.). Generally, one needs a shield to parry missile weapons.

Weapons and shields occasionally take damage from being used to parry and can even break if their hit points are overcome.


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