5.8 Combat Summary

A quick means of determining who hits who in a combat is to compare levels of success, just as with skills: special success > success > failure. A success cancels out an equivalent level of success.

The Attack and Defense Matrix table, following, summarizes the results in combat.

Attack and Defense Matrix

Attack Roll Parry Roll Dodge Roll Result
Special Special Special Defender parries or dodges attack, no other result.
Special Success Success Attack partially parried or dodged and achieves a normal success. Defender’s armor value subtracted from damage. Parrying weapon or shield takes 2 points of damage.
Special Failure Failure Attack achieves a special success. Attack does full damage plus normal damage bonus and appropriate special result. Defender’s armor value subtracted from damage.
Success Special Special Defender blocks or dodges damage; no other result. If parried in melee combat, attacker’s weapon takes 1 point of damage.
Success Success Success Defender blocks or dodges damage, no other result.
Success Failure Failure Attack strikes defender and rolls damage normally. Defender’s armor value subtracted from damage.
Failure No damage; no effect.


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