5.2 Statement of Intent

The gamemaster and players involved in a combat round must announce what they will do. The order that actions can be attempted in is determined by each character’s DEX characteristic. Players or gamemasters do not need to announce defensive actions (parries, dodges, etc.) during this phase.

Statements of intent should be handled in order of the DEX characteristic of all involved characters, highest to lowest. The player of a character with a high DEX rank makes their statements of intent before a character with a low DEX rank. Usually the gamemaster counts down, from the highest DEX to the lowest, calling on each player to state their intended actions at the appropriate times, and announcing how the non-player characters will act at the appropriate DEX characteristics.

If there is a need to determine who acts first when DEX ranks are tied, use the relevant skill (missile weapons before melee weapons, for example). If both are using the same type of weapons, the character with the higher skill rating goes first. If these are still tied, the actions occur simultaneously.

Some gamemasters and players choose to forgo the verbal part of the statement of intent phase and move directly into counting down DEX and acting. 


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