5.13 Special Successes

In combat, when a special success is achieved, it means that the attack was exceptionally well-made, striking deep into the opponent’s body or hitting perfectly. A special success is often a killing blow to most normal opponents. To determine the value of a special success, determine the maximum damage the weapon can roll, and then add the results of a normal damage roll to it. Add the damage modifier (if any) on top of that. The resulting amount of damage is then delivered to the opponent (with its armor subtracted from the damage, as normally).

For example, a special success earned with a short sword deals the weapon’s normal maximum damage (1D6+1, so 7) to which normal rolled damage and the damage bonus is added. The player rolls 3 for their 1D6, adds +1, and rolls a 2 on 1D4 for their damage bonus. The short sword’s special success does 7+4+2 damage, a total of 13 points.


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