5.11 Shields

Essentially, a shield is any movable, non-weapon obstacle a character uses to intercept incoming attacks. Parrying with a shield follows the same rules as parrying with a weapon, though low-velocity missile weapons (thrown, arrows, etc.) can also be parried with a shield. Generally, a target shield has a straight 15% chance to parry a missile weapon, a full (heater, kite, or round) shield has 30%, and a large (hoplite or riot-style) shield has 60%. If a character kneels behind a large shield, the chance becomes 90%.

Shields are described by their base chance to parry or attack with, damage done if used as a weapon (a shield bash, etc.), and by armor points. If the shield is immobile, use its armor points to determine how many points it protects a hit location against, and if it is damaged, reduce its hit points and armor points to represent the damage it has taken and its inability to protect as efficiently.

Shields Table

Name Base Chance Skill Armor/Hit Points Damage
Heater 15% Shield 12 1D3+db
Hoplite 15% Shield 16 1D4+db
Kite 15% Shield 16 1D4+db
Riot 15% Shield 16 1D3+db
Round 15% Shield 12 1D3+db
Target 15% Shield 12 1D2+db


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